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This email was sent to EGR subscribers on February 6 1999. Then Weinberger wrote it up at:
...so hey, are we pushing the hypertext recursion envelope yet or what?

Dr. Weinberger Meets The Runaway Bunny

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Valued Readers:

We like David Weinberger. We even envy him sometimes. Saying
exactly why is hard; we just do. Maybe it's because, in a little
meditation on Linux, he's capable of writing things like: "Oooh,
dust me with powder, I'm feeling all sugary!"

His latest email send says the current issue of JOHO -- which,
for those new to EGR, stands for "Journal of the Hypocritical
Organization" -- is at:


However, we know from experience that the content of that address
will change when the new issue comes out, so we went In Search Of
a more persistent URL. For an insight into how David's mind
works, try going to:

...where you will find this FTP-style listing:

    Parent Directory       06-Feb-99 15:55      -  
    curren-bakt.html       07-Nov-98 23:33    69k  
    current-old.html       31-Oct-98 16:59    21k  
    current-regular.html   25-Nov-98 20:05    64k  
    current.html           06-Feb-99 16:28    75k  
    currentbakbak.html     08-Dec-98 21:17    15k  
    currentold.html        05-Jan-99 20:38    76k  
    joho-jan23-99-special..23-Jan-99 22:20    10k  

While the list as a whole speaks volumes, we were especially
enchanted by currentbakbak.html. David, this is why webmasters
regularly hide directory listings -- so people can't laugh at
them quite as easily.

Anyway, it turns out that the Actual Real Bona Fide Current Issue
is archived for posterity at:


...and it begins by touting a review of JOHO that recently
appeared in KMWorld Magazine -- where you need to know that KM
stands for Knowledge Management:

RageBoy ironically intrudes his ugly and unwanted presence even

   We wish there were less attention paid to RageBoy, but we
   can't help but enjoy "the Web's most esoteric 'zine-based
   water balloon fight."

"Scourge of JOHO" indeed, as is our official title there:

David clearly ignored the good advice from KMWorld, because RB is
mentioned no less than three times in this particular issue.

Meanwhile, since EGR came into the KM wr