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Take-a-Hike: A Very Special Invitation from EGR

Initially, we weren't going to put this on the web at all -- it was just gonna be a little note to subscribers. Then it got out of hand. Naturally.

Like it says, there aren't any pichers, so it's going up bracketed in <PRE> tags and looking like what it is: email. If you don't like this format, please send your detailed thoughts to /dev/nul@panix.com.

Thank you.

SPECIAL EDITION (for subscribers only -- no web version on this one).

...in which we set out to send a little note, but get carried away...


                                     All Noise - All the Time

Seeing as how our Gonzo Manifesto generated a record number of
unsubscribes -- about five or six -- and that this helped *a
little* in weeding out some of the more obvious deadwood (we
picked up at least 20 times that in new subs), we thought we'd try
to top our own Personal Best for generating the Most Readers
Disgruntled By a Single Issue. There's quite a lot of text in this
edition, but no pictures -- so sadly, we'll only be able to piss
off those of you who can read.

Ready on those delete keys?  OK then, let's get started!

EGR Nominated for Webby Awards

As we just wrote at http://www.rageboy.com

    It seems EGR has been nominated for something called The Webby
    Awards, sponsored by The Web Magazine, The Discovery Channel and a
    bunch of obscure cyberadvertisers. This allows us to display what
    must be one of the all-time lamest gifs ever hacked up for an
    award (see graphical abomination at left -- what *is* that, an
    irradiated rubber glove?). But what the hell, click on it anyway
    and go vote for us. Think about it: if we win, you may be able to
    hear John Belushi's terminally disembodied voice shouting "Holy
    Shit!!!" over the Discovery Channel...

Despite the Kindergarten Graffiks and our usual savaging of the hand
that feeds us -- presumably embedded in the aforementioned glove --
the fact remains that we are so enthusiastic about this contest we can
barely contain ourselves.  We are so excited we could have an
accident!  (Maybe that's why a *rubber* glove -- though naturally,
this is mere speculation.)