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We first encountered this on a list connecting Jerry Michalski, Esther Dyson and about 50 close pals. Looking for it recently at David Isenberg's site, we were surprised to find that the pointer to it was broken. So we figured, what the hell, marked up the original version we had kept from that mailing list and stuck it here. The ideas this paper expresses are way too important to be unavailiable via the World Wide Web. Enjoy!

[There's also a newer version of this paper -- The Dawn of the Stupid Network -- which was originally published as the cover story of ACM Networker 2.1, February/March 1998.]

Rise of the Stupid Network

Why the Intelligent Network was once a good idea,
but isn't anymore. One telephone company nerd's
odd perspective on the changing value proposition

David Isenberg - isen@isen.com - www.isen.com


Design-by-assumption works as long as assumptions hold. Assumptions are shortcuts to useful efficiencies, provided they are not violated. The classic telephone company value proposition, embodied in today's telephone network, holds:

Telephone companies still behave as if these assumptions hold despite:

The Intelligent Network i