Coordinated Statements on the Recent Events

It's still April Fools Day as I write this, but this page is not a joke. Kathy Sierra and I (Chris Locke) agreed to publish these statements in advance of the story which will appear tomorrow (Monday 2 April 2007) on CNN, sometime between 6 and 9am on "CNN American Morning." As used in the somewhat Victorian title slug, above, "coordinated" is meant to signal our joint effort to get this stuff online, not that we co-wrote the material you see here, or had any hand in prompting or editing each other's words. We hope something new comes through in these statements, and that they will perhaps suggest more creative ways of approaching the kind of debate that has been generated around "the recent events" they relate to. For anyone who is newly arrived from another planet, and is therefore unfamiliar with those events, Kathy's initial post is here, and my initial reaction is here. It is not optimal that this page is hosted on, as my questionable nom de plume has been part of the debate, but time was short and this domain was the most available for the purpose.
Kathy Sierra Chris Locke
Less than seven days ago, the last person I wanted to meet in person was Chris Locke. And while we still disagree -- strongly -- about a few key things, we found a lot more common ground than either of us would have imagined. After hours and hours of talking over the last few days, he managed to get me laughing just when I needed it the most.

The firestorm around my post is both heartening and terrible. Chris told me himself that he believes I was right to speak out on this. However, my post led many people to the wrong conclusion about the specific levels of involvement by the people I named. That my one post touched a nerve for tens of thousands of people shows just how wide and deep this problem is. People are outraged not just because of my story, but because it's been a growing problem that's hurt the lives of so many others online. But Chris and I felt that if we -- of all people -- could demonstrate that we could see past the anger, connect with each other, and learn something together, maybe we could help encourage others to have a more calm, rational productive discussion. We should be talking about it, not reacting, over-reacting, and counter-reacting.

I do believe that Chris, Jeneane, and Frank did