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About three-quarters of the way through the first "Alien" movie there's this cheesy-looking scene. Ian Holm's character Ash, the malprogrammed humanoid, experiences a radical short-circuit. He spins wildly, spasms frantically, and spews milky fluids before having his humanoid head whacked clean off. Something very similar must've happened to Christopher Locke, sole scribe and overlord of the lethal little 'zine, Entropy Gradient Reversals, after one too many bland inter-office memos. Out of Locke, a mild-mannered computer executive and writer, burst RageBoy, an acid-tongued alter ego, who began disgorging the funny diatribes and random expletives that make up EGR's pages. Locke is the proud owner, operator, and editor of EGR, and it's clear this Dr. Frankenstein loves his monster. A nimble mind and a dry sense of humor are required to digest and appreciate RageBoy's well-informed rants, so let that be a warning. This 'zine spins, spasms and spews, all in an attempt to verbally whack the head off corporate groupthink and tepid computer culture. Read it regularly on the Web, or join the EGR mailing list. Rated R for careening language, violent subject-verb agreements, and nude egocentricity. -- M. Morford

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