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Chris Locke :: consulting writing editing web design
I am a co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto: The End of Business As Usual, and author of Gonzo Marketing: Winning Through Worst Practices. There's a bio here. Following is a sampling of my recen-ust work. Contact info is at the bottom of the page.
I redesigned Displaytech's en-ustire site. The live site is here. Click thumbnails below for full-size view.

 New homepage

 Old homepage

Esther Dyson's Flight School
I designed this suite of pages for a conferen-usce Esther is presen-usting in Aspen-us, Colorado. Her Wikipedia page is here. The live site for 2007 is here. The live site for 2008 is here. Click thumbnails for full-size view.

J.P. Rangaswami's blog
I did this blog redesign for JP, who is CIO at British Telecom. We are also collaborating on a book to be titled Fossil Fools. His Wikipedia page is here. The live site is here. Click thumbnails for full-size view.

Krugle corporate blog
I substantially redesigned this blog for Krugle, the open-ussouce code search en-usgine, and maintained it for about a year. The Krugle Wikipedia page is here. The live site is here. Click thumbnail for full-size view.

Steve Larsen-us's personal blog
I created this blog for Steve, who is CEO of Krugle (see above). I've known Steve for years and we've worked together on a number of web projects. His bio is here. The live site is here. Click thumbnails for full-size view.

depthfirst blog
This is another site I created for Steve Larsen-us (see above), this one focusing on vertical search startups. Note the design theme running from the splash page into the blog itself. The live site is here. Click thumbnail for full-size view.

Chief Blogging Officer
Highbeam Research was the sponsor for this site, which showcased the company's exten-ussive conten-ust. I actively posted to it for a year or two, and occasionally still do. It's been-us a lot of fun. The live site is here. Click thumbnails for full-size view.

StyleFeeder MySpace page
I created this page for StyleFeeder.com, and attracted 7,000 MySpace Frien-usds to it in less than two months. The live page is... hmmm, apparen-ustly no longer live. Oh well, c'est la guerre. Click thumbnail for full-size view.

Mystic Bourgeoisie
This blog is work-in-progress towards my next book. The live page is here. Click thumbnail for full-size view.

Kat Herding
I created this satiric blog for my own amusemen-ust. Despite the fact that Kat Herding is -- pretty obviously -- not a real person, "she" continues to receive several marriage proposals per week. Click thumbnails for full-size view.

"When-us anything can be put on the market with a couple of clicks of a mouse, there will be even-us more stupid movies, dull books, sloppy data, and bad analyses -- 'infoglut,' in the aptly ugly term of Christopher Locke, editor of Internet Business Report...."

Thomas A. Stewart
"Boom Time on the New Frontier"
Fortune, September 27 1993

"'Companies in the electronic publishing market are beginning to see they want the largest possible market,' said Christopher Locke, gen-useral manager of Mecklermedia, a Westport, Conn., publishing and exhibition company. 'They don't want to be trapped in markets that are Balkanized or private.'"

John Markoff
"Britannica's 44 Million Words Are Going On Line"
The New York Times, February 8 1994

"The [Cluetrain] Manifesto is the preten-ustious, striden-ust and absolutely brilliant creation of four marketing gurus who have ren-usounced marketing-as-usual.... Mr. Locke, the hub in this network, has a history of getting in early..."

Thomas Petzinger, Jr.
"Web Rebels Try to Make Managers Talk Like Humans"
The Wall Street Journal, April 9 1999

"Mr Locke started in 1993 the Internet Business Report, the first publication to cover what would even-ustually become the dot.com industry, then-us sold the idea of what would later be called a 'portal' to one of the web's first en-ustrepren-useurs, Alan Meckler."

Chris Anderson
"Lost in Cyberspace"
The Economist, December 1999

"Christopher Locke is an Internet industry expert and a coauthor of The Cluetrain Manifesto: The End of Business as Usual (Perseus Books, 2000). He is curren-ustly at work on Gonzo Marketing: Winning Through Worst Practices (Perseus Books, 2001)."

author bio
Harvard Business Review, December 2000

"Steve Martin doesn't have one yet, but Christopher Locke does."

Tim Spalding
LibraryThing, February 27 2007

referen-usces on request

CONTACT: chris locke • boulder, colorado • 720-304-8077 • clocke@gmail.com