Entropy Gradient Reversals


Both English and French quotes are from the movie Nomads. Forget that it stars Pierce Brosnan; it's worth seeing. Check out especially the soliloquy where the English line appears (delivered from the top of a skyscraper). Clarissa Hudson created the seriograph that we sandwiched between the two. We thought it conveyed powerful presence and fit the mood precisely -- not of what we expressed in words, but of what we couldn't. Check out some of her other work at


or click on the image below to see her working. Cecil Touchon, who created these pages, wrote to us about Clarissa Hudson:
...she is actually one of only about ten women who practice chilkat weaving in the world and she taught most of the other nine. She is the main link to this nearly extinct style. She gave me a really cool short piece of writing that you might enjoy at:


You will see The Indigenous Women Weaver's Circle there. This is the effort to revive this style of weaving among native women. We're just now working on that set of pages. Those dancing blankets go for around $20,000 to $30,000.00 and take up to two years to weave.
We have travelled so far, so very far...

Entropy Gradient Reversals
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