Entropy Gradient Reversals

Important Historical Note

EGR's all-new Subscription Page and Associated Methodologies supersede the directions that were traditionally appended to all our web pages and email sends. The text of this now-historic fragment ran as follows:
This is the greatest electronic newsletter ever created. If you think so too, it's free. If you don't think so, the annual subscription rate is $1000. Either way, to subscribe send email to clocke@panix.com saying "I Subscribe to Entropy" anywhere in the msg (except the To, Cc, Bcc and Organization fields). To unsubscribe, whirl a live chicken around your head three times during a full moon.

Unfortunately, we received a veritable tsunami of complaints from Animal Rights activists and other dyspeptic types, so we had to discontinue this practice. What can we say, except:

Kick a Chicken for Jesus!

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