February 15 1997
(this section reprinted by permission)

Who knows what machinations lurk in the hearts of the downtown digitati? Howard Greenstein knows.... HG always keeps his ear right on the rail down in the caverns of Silicon Alley (howard@siliconalley.com). For you, he reviews Entropy, a quirky devil-may-care zine turned out by Chris Locke, a denizen of digitaldum. Enjoy.

Entropy Gradient Reversals

Among other corporate posts, Christopher Locke was IBM's Online Community Development guru until he quit. He has rebelled against his corporate past loudly via his alter ego, RageBoy, who is publisher of Entropy Gradient Reversals. EGR is a "gonzo webzine with a goal of 2,000,000 readers and a fat IPO within 14 months." The irony is evident, as is the strong language and anti-status quo sentiment. Definitely worth a read - expect a chuckle. If you can digest all of RageBoy's angry prose we have some James Joyce for you to translate into ancient Incan. Subscribing to this zine is free. Unsubscribing will cost you $1K though.:)

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