"When anything can be put on the market with a couple of clicks of a mouse, there will be even more stupid movies, dull books, sloppy data, and bad analyses -- 'infoglut,' in the aptly ugly term of Christopher Locke, editor of Internet Business Report...."

Thomas A. Stewart
"Boom Time on the New Frontier"
Fortune, September 27 1993

"'Companies in the electronic publishing market are beginning to see they want the largest possible market,' said Christopher Locke, general manager of Mecklermedia, a Westport, Conn., publishing and exhibition company. 'They don't want to be trapped in markets that are Balkanized or private.'"

John Markoff
"Britannica's 44 Million Words Are Going On Line"
The New York Times, February 8 1994

"The [Cluetrain] Manifesto is the pretentious, strident and absolutely brilliant creation of four marketing gurus who have renounced marketing-as-usual.... Mr. Locke, the hub in this network, has a history of getting in early..."

Thomas Petzinger, Jr.
"Web Rebels Try to Make Managers Talk Like Humans"
The Wall Street Journal, April 9 1999

"Mr Locke started in 1993 the Internet Business Report, the first publication to cover what would eventually become the dot.com industry, then sold the idea of what would later be called a 'portal' to one of the web’s first entrepreneurs, Alan Meckler."

Chris Anderson
"Lost in Cyberspace"
The Economist, December 1999

Christopher Locke is an Internet industry expert and a coauthor of The Cluetrain Manifesto: The End of Business as Usual (Perseus Books, 2000). He is currently at work on Gonzo Marketing: Winning Through Worst Practices (Perseus Books, 2001).

author bio
Harvard Business Review, December 2000


It's often said that, on the Internet, no one knows you're a dog. Don't count on it. However, you do find out pretty quickly who your real friends are. These are some of mine. Woof! Woof!

President of Target Marketing and author of three seminal books on e-commerce: World Wide Web Marketing; Customer Service on the Internet; and What Makes People Click - Advertising on the Web.

See also Jim's review of EGR.

"Chris saw it coming. Even back in 1994 when the rest of us modern-day international Internet gurus were just getting it, Chris was taking it out to its logical conclusion. He was proposing portals before Yang and Filo had dropped out of Stanford. He had identified the value of selling books online before Bezos left Wall Street. The scary part is that he's still looking that far ahead. Corporate management had Tom Peters. Corporate transformation into e-commerce has Chris. If you're not convinced the Web is changing the world, his insight is critical to your longevity. If you are convinced and want to know which way the e-wind is blowing, Locke is the key."

Principal of The Searls Group, which helps companies position themselves and their products, and author of Reality 2.0, a webzine subtitled Contrarian Perspectives on the Leading Edge. Clients have included Apple, Groupe Bull, Hitachi and Motorola. "There are damn few truly brilliant writers in the whole Web 'space,' and Chris Locke is at least two of them. And at least one of those two is a guy you don't want to fuck with. That one would be RageBoy®
...Chris' alter id: a shamelessly self-involved and conscience-free persona who uses the Entropy Gradient Reversals site as a catapult for hurling truth and other dead animals at every silly thing that takes itself seriously -- from Advertising to the Six Degrees site."

- Log Rolling 1.0

President of NewsScan Inc., and editor/publisher of two print magazines, Exec and Educom Review, plus three popular Internet newsletters, Energy News Digest, Innovation and Edupage. "Chris Locke is a Force of Nature, who gives the word 'energy' new meaning. Who else would get all his friends and well-wishers to put it on the line like this, or on the air, or (what's the word I'm looking for?) on the net? He knows what the Internet is for and how to use it, and has the energy and confidence to have thoughts that are preposterous, outrageous, scary and true."

Founder and CEO of The Mining Company and former CEO of MCI/News Corp Internet Ventures. Veteran executive at Viacom, Warner Communications and Prodigy. "Chris is a unique web talent. He got the Net early and he still gets it early. At the pace the Net is evolving, when you find a guy who sees the next move and will tell you about it with no BS, you grab hold."

Founder and Author of Seidman's Online Insider, one of the net's most popular newsletters about happenings in the Internet and online world. Seidman has done stints at Sprint, MCI, IBM, CMP Media, and is currently with Charles Schwab & Co. Inc. "You immediately realize that Chris calls it like he sees it. Whether you agree with him or not, he'll definitely stretch your thinking. He's often seen as 'out there,' but that's just because the rest of the world hasn't caught up with him yet. Once it does, he'll be off another five years into the future. In terms of long-term planning and strategy, you'll want to absorb what Chris has to say."

Principal, The E-Mail Knowledge Group and ex-Chairman of InfoBeat, the largest e-mail publisher on the Internet. (He stole our HTML code. How cool!) "Chris pulls no punches. While I've known him for only a short while, I've been impressed with his insight, razor-sharp perspective, and knowledge of what works and doesn't work on the Internet. Anyone who shapes strategy and tactics in this medium should find his words and thoughts worth reflecting upon."

Editor-in-Chief of the acclaimed web magazine FEED, and author of Interface Culture: How New Technology Transforms The Way We Create and Communicate. "Chris Locke has just about as smart and innovative a take on the web as anyone I've met. Over the years he's given us at FEED many mind-opening ideas about how we can better use the medium -- all delivered with great flair and levity to boot. If you want your company to really rock the web, and not just roll with it, Chris is your man."

Stone Gonzalez
Author of The 21st Century Intranet, which reprinted our 1994 Information Week article, Networking On and Offline, and a consulting partner to the Internet/Intranet Group at BDM International, a subsidiary of TRW, Inc. Ph.D from the University of Colorado (Boulder) School of Journalism and Mass Communication. "In the great wide world of consulting, it's not difficult to find a consultant who will tell you exactly what you want to hear. Such consultants eloquently paraphrase the going rap, a la 'Net.Gain' or 'Crossing the Chasm,' and promise the moon. This is a seductive, but dangerous path. It does nothing to help differentiate your company, your product or your service from the crowd. To compete in today's hypercompetitive environment, the advantage goes to those with 'first mover advantage,' and in terms of intellectual and creative acumen, that person is Chris Locke. He is able to see where technology is headed, and how to leverage technological change. More than that, he challenges us to rise to the opportunity and make some profoundly difficult but truly necessary organizational changes. Chris has a sense of humor that reminds us that anything we might assume to be permanent in this wired culture is about one nanosecond away from becoming obsolete. It's good counsel, this shock of the new, and most businesses would profit by recognizing that they desperately need it."

Executive Vice President of US Interactive, a professional services firm engaged in building the electronic enterprise. Clients include Columbia House, the National Football League, Comedy Central and IBM. "When I think of Chris Locke, the word authentic comes to mind. As in: original, genuine, the Real McCoy. Chris had the scene covered long before the parade of Internet 'experts' began. I suspect one reason Chris still gets it better than most is that he lives it. Before the business plan, the market analysis, the design, the code and the test, success on the Internet depends on a gut understanding of what works in an environment with few rules and not much history. Chris thrives here."

Managing Partner, Flatiron Partners, a leading venture capital firm devoted exclusively to funding Internet-related opportunities. Portfolio includes Yoyodyne, TheStreet.com and IXL. "Chris is one of the few people who can honestly lay claim to the term pioneer. His vision for the ways in which companies would make use of the Internet was ground breaking when first promulgated in 1993 and 1994 and remains compelling today."

President of Internet/Media Strategies Inc., a strategic consultancy that serves early-stage Internet companies and established corporations. Clients include Ziff-Davis Publishing, Sports Illustrated and COMDEX. "Chris Locke does what companies seldom can do for themselves, break down boundaries. He'll ignite your company's creativity, tatter your carefully tailored but counterproductive edges, and generally open your team to the humane skills that make a great Web company."

Managing Partner of Six Offene Systeme GmbH, a european consultanting firm and solution provider for both Internet and intranet applications. Customers include Bertelsmann AG, TUI GmbH & Co. KG, and the Union Bank of Switzerland. "Chris is one of the most intelligent and insightful writers on all things 'New Media.' He has an uncanny ability to mix authentic differentiation, brutal honesty, and occasionally biting humor to deliver his message of 'gonzo' marketing and business methodologies on the web. Every time I re-enter earth's gravitational pull after communicating with him, I find myself really thinking... and from an entirely different perspective. Chris is inspirational -- hire him before your competition does. We did!"

David S.
Principal Prosultant(sm) of isen.com, inc., rethinking the value of networks in this era of abundant infrastructure. Isenberg resigned from AT&T Labs in early 1998 after his seminal essay, Rise of the Stupid Network, caused unholy hell to break loose. "In the age of the 'liquidity event,' Chris Locke is one of the few people in techno-communications who calls them like he sees them without thinking "What's in it for me?" And his calls are some of the funniest, cleverest, chillingest, most provoking howls heard on this wild new frontier. When Chris tracks your game, you're likely to find yourself in new territory ahead of the pack."

President of Sociate, a one-man consulting, speaking, writing investing and exploring troupe, and formerly managing editor of Esther Dyson's Release 1.0 "I first met Chris when I read a piece he wrote back in the Dark Ages of 1989 about the be-all, end-all intelligent document management system. His writing captivated me then as it captivates me now. Chris blends irreverence with insightful content in ways that are hard to resist reading. Hire this man to make your company shine."

Editor of InSarasota.com, one of the most trafficked sites of the Comcast Online group of InYourTown Web sites. He also writes a weekly column called CyberNotes. Before migrating to the Net, he worked at a New York Times chain newspaper, writing on business and technology; before that, he taught literature, writing and literary theory at several New York City colleges. He has advanced degrees in Comparative Literature and Journalism, despite which he maintains an abiding interest in why what we say we mean is never quite what we mean to say. "Christopher Locke is some pulsar on the edge of the known universe, emitting signals intelligible at certain frequencies. From the looks of it, a number of folk (2,767 at last count) from all sectors of cyberspace are finding him hard to ignore. Get his newsletter, and sooner or later, he'll do something that will jar you out of your technostupor and make you get off your duff and respond. Locke's message isn't obscure, or hard to decode - in part it's as basic as saying, "Speak with a human voice and people might actually take an interest in what you have to sell." My dog Max would get this, if he could read. What sets Locke apart is:

  • He mostly declines to shoehorn his discourse into conventional molds - conceptually or rhetorically.
  • He only sounds outrageous, peremptory and arbitrarily hyperopinionated. That's just the sugar coating on an argument he's having (mostly with himself) that is conducted with unusual rigor;
  • He doesn't pretend to have all the answers, but is asking questions that are prescient, and therefore necessary, for anyone hoping to remain commercially viable into the next century.

Locke is trying, in short, to take the measure of the Internet. What makes us think he's closer to the mark than most is his shrewdly honed sense of how far he is (and where does that leave us?) from assuming he understands this strange new medium and can predict its course."

Steven J.
Chairman and founder, Internet Press Guild Senior Technology Editor, Sm@rt Reseller, ZDNet Cyber Cynic and first journalist to report about the Web. "How often do you find someone who really gets the net? There are hundreds of poseurs but only one Chris Locke. No crap, no BS, just a guy who actually does know the net, can explain it, and, to this day, has a better idea of where it's really going than 99.99% of the other 'experts.'"

President of eyescream interactive, a leading online advertising agency. Clients include Cyberian Outpost, Yoyodyne, Goto.com, and Airtouch Cellular. "Chris gets it. He's one of the very few who gets it. Chris deeply understands the Internet and its myriad of business and community applications. He is a true interactive visionary whose insightful analysis, unconventional answers and online business savvy offer breakthrough solutions to companies willing to challenge traditional boundaries in return for exceptional results."

Author of The Design of Everyday Things and The Invisible Computer. Principal of the Nielsen Norman Group, dedicated to helping companies change themselves, the better to produce human-centered products and services. "Chris Locke is an original thinker, one of the few who truly understand what the Internet is about. If you want to bloom in this new, radical, unconventional world, use Chris, but be prepared for an exciting -- and rewarding -- ride. If you are a traditionalist: keep away. Do not use without parental guidance. Or perhaps it ought to be, do not use around parents."

Author of the widely acclaimed newspaper column This is True, and owner of Freelance Communications, which syndicates True and publishes its book compilations. Randy is also a popular speaker on the subject of online publishing. "Chris Locke has the right kind of background to know what he's talking about. He's also one of the few people who is willing to speak plainly about what needs to be done. Not everyone can take the truth, but those who want to make a profit online will put their egos aside and listen to what he has to say. You could make a fortune by shorting the stock of companies who send Chris packing after he delivers his assessment."

Randy J.
Author of Intranets: What's the Bottom Line. Currently with the University Programs section of Microsoft Research. "Chris Locke is simple, unfettered truth. He'll provide both a historical and visionary perspective to the mix, ensuring your success. He also knows how to cut through corporate horseshit. When we were collaborating on the future of corporate intranets, he quoted from a Zen Master: 'to control your cow, give it a bigger pasture.' Chris will show you how to create bigger pastures, while avoiding huge cowpiles."

Founder and President of Lightbinders, Inc., SGML/XML-centric title developer for academic publishers, and president of Advent/LB, Inc., the North American sales and support organization for the Advent 3B2 Publishing System. "Chris uses sarcasm to illustrate the truth about lame web efforts, mixed with liberal lessons on how language is actually meant to be used. He knows who's totally lost and he willingly provides clues to the clueless. When I finally read his CV, it was no surprise that we shared contacts in the SGML world."

Chief Dogsbody of Silmaril Consultants, head of academic and research computing services at UCC (in Cork, Ireland), author of the XML FAQ, and of books on similar stuff. "Chris has taught me more about bullshit-avoidance than anyone else (I felt strongly enough about one issue of EGR* I even typeset it to give to people). If you only make one decision this year, make it an email to this man."

     * Peter's postscript version
     * a PDF version
     * the lowly HTML version

President of EHS Company, a network technology research and testing firm in San Mateo, California, and editor/publisher of net.Opinion. "Christopher Locke is a rare talent, combining insightful analysis of the more-mystical qualities of the Internet with a literary style that makes the reader an instant expert on whatever the subject happens to be. Clarity of delivery, expedient transfer of knowledge, and enjoyable prose are Locke's hallmarks."

Co-author of The CD Recordable Handbook, Contributing Editor for EMedia Professional, conference chair of DVD Pro 98 and co-principal of Compact Disc Consulting. "Chris Locke's philosophy of web publishing set our content free."

Managing Director of Paradox Cafe, a European web design studio with offices in the UK and France. Clients include the BBC. "Chris Locke is one of a rare species; his wit, intelligence and marketing acumen form an unholy alliance. Few other founding members of today's Internet have the breadth of understanding required to advance such a global medium."

Editor and Publisher of The COOK Report on Internet, strategic assessment of Internet infrastructure written since 1992 by the former Director of a US Congressional Office of Technology Assessment of the National Research & Education Network. "If Alan Meckler had Chris Locke's vision, MecklerWeb would now be Mecklermedia's most valuable asset, and might have become the Microsoft of the web. I have known Chris for five years and can say without hesitation that he is one of a small handful of people with an accurate 'over the horizon' understanding of where the Internet is headed. He will be an especially valuable asset to anyone involved in Internet strategic planning functions."

Editor of Netsurfer Digest, a savvy e-zine that has reviewed the Web and its world for the past four years. "The first time I met Chris, his personality overpowered me, took me to the ground, and wrested from me my honest opinion about the project he was working on. Chris puts the Oy! in RageBoy, and that's a good thing."

Founder of CompuServe's Artist Forum. "I wish CompuServe had listened to Chris Locke several years ago. If they had, the entire landscape of the Internet would be much improved today."

Consultant, writer and editor who organizes collaborative publishing projects, reviews Web sites, turns techno-babble into comprehensible success stories, advises small software/hardware companies, and chairs a Washington, DC Internet user group. "Chris is plugged in everywhere, has worked many Internet-shaping gigs, knows everyone from movers and shakers to man-on-the-net, writes and distributes profound and irreverent wisdom, distinguishes truth from glitter, reads voraciously, speaks crisply and entertainingly, skewers pomposity, and just loves the Internet. I can't think of many people, living or dead, real or imaginary, that I'd rather collaborate with, learn from, listen to, or introduce to a roomful of friends."

Technology Reporter for Denver's Rocky Mountain News, has covered business of various sorts for Institutional Investor Newsletters, the San Francisco Business Times and Advertising Age. "Chris Locke articulates his vision of the Internet better than anybody. In other words, he gives great quote, especially if your editor will let you write stories with 'fuck' in them. I ping Chris when I need context, and I've learned a lot from him."

Vice President of Marketing at Net Perceptions, which develops and delivers recommendation technologies for deepening customer relationships. Clients include N2K, CDnow and Amazon.com. "Chris Locke is not for the faint-of-heart or those wishing to preserve the status quo. He is a genuine visionary and his ideas are truly extraordinary. I've benefited directly from his penetrating intellect. Chris was a good friend and vital sounding board for me long before that rainy Spring day in 1996 when his alter ego 'RageBoy,' was born in the passenger seat of my Nissan 300ZX going 90 MPH on a six-lane New Jersey toll road."

Manager, Competitive Assessment at Brodeur Porter Novelli, former Editor-in-Chief of Internet World, NetGuide, and Editor of Windows Magazine. "Chris and I worked together at Mecklermedia where he performed an amazing feat in conceiving and creating MecklerWeb. Chris had the vision and marketing savvy that made MecklerWeb a media phenomenon and drew the backing of D&B, DEC, EDS, Ogilvy & Mather and other major players. He also helped forge the consciousness of e-commerce through his iconoclastic, thought provoking columns in Internet World."

Editor of JOHO, an independent 'zine on how the Web affects business and culture, frequent commentator for NPR's All Things Considered, and president of Evident Marketing, which helps high tech companies figure out what they should be saying. He also writes for magazines such as KMWorld and Wired. "Chris Locke was right about the Web before there was a Web. He not only 'Gets It,' he has the sense to question what 'Getting It' really means. He is a major proponent of the bold new marketing concept of speaking in a recognizably human voice to other human beings, i.e., the neo-post-neo 'Stop Being Such an Asshole' school of marketing. He is wicked smart and wickedly funny, and I don't know a better working writer."

christopher locke

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