RageBoy® sells out
you knew it had to happen sometime...
Yes, that's right, sportsfans, I'm putting advertising on the EGR blog. Why? One simple reason: money. Actually, I've been trying to sell out for some time now, but no one would have me. Google's text ads spider took one look at this site and turned me down flat. Actually, I think the "objectionable content" might have killed the poor thing on the spot (see Fig. 1: Class hierarchy in application Spider, slightly modified).

Enter one very cool company: Elimitaste. That sells, yes, that's right: gum. Largely, but not exclusively, to people like myself who do that unmentionable thing: smoke.

At this point, you may wish to click the radio, below, to get a little soundtrack going along with the balance of this important message...

Now, I should explain that there are not just one, but two products:

  • Zapp: Sugar Free/Aspartame Free, Sweetened with Xylitol, Long Lasting "Intense ElectraMint" Flavor. This is the one for you if a) you don't smoke, or b) you don't want people to know you do. I've been chewing wads of this stuff all week and I can tell you it is some kinda mm-mmm good!

  • SmokeScreen: also Sugar Free/Aspartame Free, also Sweetened with Xylitol, but with Long Lasting "Insane MaxxMint" Flavor. Reduces Smoking Aftertaste. It was the Insane MaxxMint that convinced me to take these fine folks' money. This stuff'll blow the top of your head right off!

So that's pretty much it. Not so difficult, really. You click on the gum packs and go buy some. That way RageBoy® gets to buy more religious studies books on Amazon, and everybody's happy. Right? Right!

OK, you can turn the music off now.

Thank you.

PS: If you too have a big, prestigious and important site like EGR, you can click here to inquire about Elimitaste's affiliate program. No deadbeat tire-kickers, please (you know who you are).

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