Entropy Gradient

laissez le bon temps rouler

let the good times roll!
Entropy Gradient Reversals

photo credits:
Photo Permission, Bob Jackson, Copyright 1963
Illustration, George E. Mahlberg, Copyright 1996

A Note on Memic Transmission, or
Why I Love the Internet
I'd never seen this image before a week ago, but I was totally knocked out by it. Asking around via the EGR readership, I quickly discovered that the Photoshop wizard who doctored the original shot by Bob Jackson was a guy named George Mahlberg. I shot off email asking permission to run this iconic photo-commentary on American history here on EGR. On January 1 1999, I received the following reply. -Chris Locke

Thanks for dropping me a line about the pic. You'd be surprised how many people use the illustration on their website & don't have the courtesy to give credit where it's due.

I'm in a partnership with Bob Jackson. He has given me permission to use his photo and I'm the only person licensed to use it for commercial purposes. That is, nobody else can make $$$ from the image without Bob's & my expressed permission.

Having said that, I don't have a problem with people posting it on their websites, as long as they don't try to sell posters, t-shirts, boxer shorts, etc. using the image. If you want to link back to www.doctorcosmo.com that would be very cool.

BTW, loved your site.

Very loud.


George Mahlberg

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