Entropy Gradient Reversals

B a c k   I s s u e s

EGR Release 0.59 - Clues You Can Lose

...in which RageBoy® delivers his views about the cluetrain manifesto.

EGR Release 0.58 - The Comedy of the Commons

...in which an uncharacteristically mild-mannerd RageBoy® speculates about MP3 and the music biz.

EGR Release 0.57 - Talking Cure

...in which RageBoy® has a little chat with his author.

EGR Release 0.56 - Pattern Recognition

...in which our trusty AI, BOMBAST II, channels RageBoy® himself.

EGR Special Issue: Trying to Contain Ourselves

...in which RealPerson® Chris Worth 'splains how it works to the advertising dudez.

EGR Special Issue: China Rising

...in which RageBoy® delivers a talk from the Temple of Heaven.

EGR Special Issue: Scream III

...in which RageBoy® reviews Horror Stories from the World Wide Web.

EGR Release 0.55 - EGR/JOHO Joint Issue

...in which RageBoy® discourses on The Future.

EGR Release 0.54 - Six Degrees Above Absolute Zero

...in which RageBoy® ill-advisedly attempts a site review.

EGR Special - Bring Me the Head of Carl Steadman!

...in which RageBoy® declares war.

EGR Release 0.53 - On Getting It

...in which RageBoy® damn near loses it.

EGR Interlude - Reading the Dictionary

...in which RageBoy® learns about words.

EGR Interlude - Entropy and Imagination

...in which RageBoy® first gets the idea for all this.

EGR Release 0.52 - Hey Gang! Let's Potlatch!

...in which RageBoy® discovers the key to e-commerce.

EGR Release 0.51 - Faster Horses!

...in which RageBoy® lands a little consulting.

EGR Release 0.50 - Shameless

...in which RageBoy® examines a career that has spanned three decades, and wonders how he stayed alive.

EGR Special Issue - The Cross-Wired Interview

...in which Proto-RageBoy® discourses with Dr. David Wired-Burger about corporate intranets.

EGR Special Issue - ID4: Gonzo Goes Corporate

...in which Proto-RageBoy® discourses on the rich motherlode of corporate horseshit and other strictly business matters.

EGR Release 0.49 - Uniquely Qualified

...in which RageBoy® applies for a position.

EGR Release 0.48 - 50-Minute Hour

...in which RageBoy® visits his analyst.

EGR Release 0.47 - Bad Science, No Pictures

...in which RageBoy® dwells at length on weighty matters.

EGR Release 0.46 - Two Guys in a Bar

...in which RageBoy® goes undercover.

EGR Release 0.45 - The Wolf at the Door

...in which RageBoy® damn near buys the farm.

EGR Release 0.44 - Parable of the Baffled Hosers

...in which EGR begins to unpack its sub-rosa agenda.

EGR Release 0.43 - Augering In

...in which several paths to assured success are examined -- and rejected.

EGR Release 0.42 - Arthritically Indirect

...with Gustav Mahler and special guest, Godzilla! ...in which RageBoy® doesn't appear at all, except as a giant lizard.

EGR Release 0.41 - Moe Ron Hubbard on Diuretics

...in which RageBoy® queries The Master.

EGR Release 0.40 - Flashforward #2: The Charlie Rose Interview

...in which RageBoy® gives Charlie what for.

EGR Release 0.39 - Special Issue: Desiderata

...in which RageBoy® shares a little inspiration.

EGR Release 0.38 - The BOMBAST II Transcripts, Run 4:
Something in the Way She Moves

...in which something happens but we're not sure what.

EGR Release 0.37 - The Case for Legalization

...in which RageBoy® advocates decriminalization.

EGR Release 0.36 - On Professionalism

...in which RageBoy® divulges how it really works.

EGR Release 0.35 - Death

...in which RageBoy® becomes obsessed with print publishing, dies, and has a vision of a better world.

EGR Release 0.34 - Season's Bleatings

...in which RageBoy® muses on the true nature of Art and Literature and provides some useful guidelines for aspiring writers.

EGR Release 0.33 - Over the Hill

...in which RageBoy® goes not only over the hill, but also completely round the bend.

EGR Release 0.32 - Writer's Block

...in which RageBoy® explores the ineffable.

EGR Special Issue - The Power of Stupidity, Part II

...in which Giancarlo Livraghi returns to EGR to ask some Disturbing Questions.

EGR Release 0.31 - Happy Labor Day!

...in which RageBoy® interviews Louie "The Tool" Fabrizio.

EGR Special Issue - Adventures in Cluelessness

...in which RageBoy® proposes 13 way-cool column themes to Microsoft.

EGR Release 0.30 - Flashforward #1: Tonight on Cary Ling Jive!

...in which RageBoy® rules the world!

EGR Release 0.29 - The BOMBAST II Transcripts, Run 3:
The Cover Letter

...in which RageBoy® destroys whatever was left of his career.

EGR Special Issue - Firewall My Ass!

...in which RageBoy® perfects the Art of the Self-serving Book Review.

EGR Release 0.28 - The BOMBAST II Transcripts, Run 2:
Signs and Portents

...in which we explain, in a roundabout, confusing sort of way, why nothing is exactly as it seems.

EGR Release 0.27 - The BOMBAST II Transcripts, Run 1:
I Was a Teenage Brain Surgeon

...in which we deploy advanced artificial intelligence techniques to synthesize Internet shovelware.

EGR Release 0.26 - RageBoy® Tells All

...in which he very nearly does just that, including a lot of stuff you really didn't want to know about.

EGR Release 0.25 - Bopp til You Drop

...in which we explore the ontological foundations of bizarre religious practices.

EGR Release 0.24 - Gladly The Cross-Eyed Bear

...in which we discuss everything about Indie Internet Publishing except cross-eyed bears.

EGR Release 0.23 - Our Snack With André

...in which we explore the furthest reaches of the postmodern mise-en-scène.

EGR Release 0.22 - Would You Like Fries With That?
The Wit and Wisdom of Foreigner

...in which RageBoy® chows down on Burger King, subjects helpless readers to an endless schlock-rock MIDI loop, and generally abuses loyal subscribers everywhere. The unsub requests are pouring in. Way to go RB...

Subscriber Email - Idaho for the Curious

...in which we again send mail to our subscribers and succeed in pissing many of them off.

EGR Release 0.21 - Take-a-Hike: A Very Special Invitation

...in which we set out to send a little note, but get carried away. We said we wouldn't post this one on the website. We lied.

EGR Release 0.20 - The Gonzo Manifesto

..in which RageBoy® totally slips his cable.

EGR Release 0.19 - Predictions

..in which we become seriously confused about time and space.

EGR Release 0.18 - Milking the Internet

..in which we blow our own horn and hose down some serious losers.

EGR Release 0.17 - Handwaving Recognition

...in which we call for a new and much needed technology.

EGR Release 0.16 - Welcome to The Weather Channel

...in which we speculate about God, Man and Low Pressue Systems.

EGR Release 0.15 - From the Vacation Program...

...in which we ask to be excused.

EGR Release 0.14 - The 666 Exit Interview

...in which we bid a fond adieu to our primary inspiration for EGR.

EGR Release 0.13 - RageBoy® On Advertising

...in which RageBoy unpacks "The Twelve Monkeys of Stewart Brandship"

EGR Release 0.12 - Q1 Report

...Log In. Cheer Up. Chill Out. Everything is Under Control!

EGR Release 0.11 - The Olympic Flame

...in which we reflect on The Games.

EGR Release 0.10 - A New Sensibility

...in which we apologize to readers for past transgressions, speculate briefly about the computer trade press, and offer Ten Rules for Internet Success

EGR Release 0.09 - Collaboration Begins at Home

...in which we interview ourselves with various mixed results.

EGR Release 0.08 - Fuckin A!

...in which we doff our hat to Free Speech, but more importantly, discover the True Principles of Advertising on the World Wide Web. As usual, the devil is in the details.

EGR Release 0.07 - I Have a Dream

...in which a truly spooky nightmare turns out to be just another case of corporate indigestion.

EGR Release 0.06 - EGR Press Established (press release)

...in which we announce Entropy Gradient Reversals Press, and publish the first in a series of original white papers. An EGR subscriber from Italy offers a never before published monograph on The Power of Stupidity. A must-read for any up-to-date business professional.

EGR Release 0.05 - Omar Reads the Net

...in which we interview Omar -- syndicated astrologer extraordinaire -- on some Really Burning Late-Nite Questions about net.biz

And don't miss our Special Bonus Supplement and All-New Service:
Your Personal Psychic Hotline on the World Wide Web!

EGR Release 0.04 - IRC On The Future of Discourse

...in which we explore -- via a star-studded IRC free-for-all -- the current state of public discourse in the electronic milieu.

EGR Release 0.03 - Exclusive Interview with Mr. Ed

...in which we interview Mr. Ed (yes, the horse) on the Future of the Internet

EGR Release 0.02 - Beyond High Jive Crypto-Totemic Lipservice

...in which we present The Reverse-Subscription Model -- a new Killer Approach to Successful Internet Business

EGR Release 0.01 - Make Money Fast!

...in which we speculate about the changing nature of The Organization in the Internet Age

EGR Release 0.0 - Not Ready for Primetime

...in which we get off to a bumbling start, wondering what the hell we are doing here, and why we are doing it

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Last updated 4 July 1999