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Saturday, March 29, 2003
Books by Nut Cases

Here's some real don't-miss beach reading. What's that you say? The water is still 3° Kelvin? All the better!
  • The Productive Narcissist: The Promise and Peril of Visionary Leaders

    Publisher's Weekly says: "In this provocative analysis of contemporary business leaders, psychoanalyst [???] and consultant Maccoby (The Gamesman) reminds readers of Freud's assessment of the narcissist as "the type of person who impresses us as a personality, who disrupts the status quo and brings about change."

    Which just goes to prove that both "Maccoby (The Gamesman)" (uh-huh) and Publisher's Weekly stopped reading Freud a bit prematurely. Or they were smoking crack. For a far better introduction to the psychology of narcissism, try Little House on the Prairie.

  • The Point of Existence: Transformations of Narcissism in Self-Realization (Diamond Mind Series, 3)

    A reader-reviewer writes: "Almaas cross correlates metaphysics with psychology in a mind numbing fashion..." This appears in a 5-star review, so no, it wasn't meant to be funny. btw, A.H. Almaas is evidently also the author of Spacecruiser Inquiry: True Guidance for the Inner Journey, just in case you want to run out and get that one too. You never know. Another reader-reviewer quotes the Master: "It can be scary, but it can be quite thrilling. Not everybody has the heart or the stomach for this kind of adventure." That would be me on the stomach part.

    Oh wait. Holy shit! The same guy goes on: "Almaas, or 'Ali' as he is called by his students at the Ridhwan School here in Boulder..." See what I've been telling you? I'm fucking surrounded by these cocksuckers!

  • King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine

    I often refer to Robert L. Moore and Douglas Gillette, the authors of this stinkwad of spiritual bungputty, as The Brawny Lads. See maturely masculine picture of them here.

    "Arguing that mature masculinity is not abusive or domineering, but generative, creative, and empowering of the self and others, Moore and Gillette provide a Jungian introduction to the psychological foundations of a mature, authentic, and revitalized masculinity."

    Yeah? Fuck you! And the archetype you rode in on.

    btw, readers who bought this piece of shit also bought: Fire in the Belly: On Being a Man by Sam Keen. Now this is interesting to me. Because my ex-date, Anomalie Aescalapius, gave me a video of this asswipe talking about the sacredness of sex. What was she trying to tell me, I wondered. (I can't remember whether this was before or after I tried to get her to watch my Bend Over Boyfriend videos.) Anyway, this Sam Keen individual was riding around on a fucking HORSE! Hey wait a minute... What was she trying to tell me???

OK, OK, I know it's late. but this is so much fun. Just one more. I promise.
  • The Urantia Book

    Oooh, this is one of my favorites! No kidding. It's got everything. But don't take my word for it. Hie yourself over to urantia.org, where you can read cool shit like this:

    "A local universe is the handiwork of a Creator Son of the Paradise order of Michael. It comprises one hundred constellations, each embracing one hundred systems of inhabited worlds. Each system will eventually contain approximately one thousand inhabited spheres. Our world, Urantia, belongs to a local universe whose sovereign is Michael, the Son of God and the Son of Man, known on this world as Jesus of Nazareth. In the central universe the Universal Father (God) is personally present; in the universes and planets of space our Father is being represented by his Sovereign Sons, while he is intimately present in the minds of his mortal children through his indwelling spirit, The Thought Adjusters."
    "Around 1,000,000,000 years ago Urantia had attained approximately its present size. At this time it was placed upon the physical registries of our local universe, Nebadon, and given its name, Urantia. [Page 660:3] The sixty three papers comprising this section relate the history of our planet, the geologic development, the establishment of life, and the evolution and history of man, evolving civilizations, human institutions and governments. Here also are discussed the Trinity concept, the evolution of religion, the indwelling spirit of God (the Thought Adjuster), personality survival, the bestowals of Christ Michael."
    Et cetera. I'm not entirely certain about this, but I have a funny feeling this planet may be located somewhere here in Boulder, where I myself am personally present.

4:36 AM | link |

Alright Already
So they're not all
strictly speaking
limericks. But this
is a haiku.

2:28 AM | link |

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover...

Way #10
There once was a man so stuck in her groove,
"When we do it," he said, "I feel the earth move!"
"That's nice," she said. "I'm nearly fainting.
By the way, did I mention my latest painting?
Do you think they'll hang it in the Louvre?"

1:24 AM | link |

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover...

Way #9
To cure my failing mental health
she fetched some medicine off the shelf.
But her only prescription
was further addiction.
Physician Feelgood, heal thyself!

12:33 AM | link |

Friday, March 28, 2003
50 Ways to Leave Your Lover...

Way #8
There once was a woman whose power
had constructed her own ivory tower.
When I hacked her dot com,
it pissed off my Mom.
But she sure did look good in the shower!

11:26 PM | link |

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover...

Way #7
There once was a vampire queen,
who was hotter than hell as a teen.
But now she'd grown older
and no one in Boulder
believed she was terribly keen.

11:08 PM | link |

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover...

Way #6
There once was a lass whose cathexis
of Self vs. Object did vex us.
She longed for a Beemer,
but the girl was a dreamer.
The best she could do was a Lexus.

10:36 PM | link |

Thursday, March 27, 2003
Been That Kinda Day

7:24 PM | link |


"either go away or go all the way.
look at what you hold..."
Jeffersone Airplane

Self esteem is the existential booby prize, the path from empathy and pathos to the pathological. It's snowing here again today, and waking to my angel's voice, tell her I love her, that it's necessary, good. That I see in her longing my own. That darkness invades the light. That in it always underneath is where I touch her deepest heart, my own. Not in a dream, on the telephone. Real. And I read in Freud's classic paper on narcissisism, this: "A strong egoism is a protection against falling ill, but in the last resort we must begin to love in order not to fall ill if, in consequence of frustration, we are unable to love."

I take notes over coffee...

Something deep in my throat gives up an animal cry. A howling for a mate who now lies still, fallen and unmoving in the muted snow. Out on the ice, I have come too far, sleep now approaching rapidly as night. Peace or death, maybe both. What I dreamed in this life about to show itself. Or disappear. My eyes meet yours again, angel, another, alive. And I touch you in this empty mourning, this longing ache that holds no one, hold you there. Bless our unknowing as best I can.

1:23 PM | link |

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover...

Way #5
Ego trip or trippy id?
I wondered what her psyche hid.
She looked pretty good,
except under the hood.
So I dropped just a little more acid.

2:33 AM | link |

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover...

Way #4
She asked me, "What shall I depict?"
I said, "Baby, now how 'bout some chick?
Like that Frieda Kah-Lo
with eyebrows like a crow?"
And she slammed the door right on my dick.

1:52 AM | link |

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover...

Way #3
There once was a man whose audition,
bespoke his demented condition.
"I'll cut off my ear
if you come over here."
But she told him to go to perdition.

1:12 AM | link |

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover...

Way #2
There once was an artist perverse
who only could speak in reverse.
Whenever she said,
"No, our love is not dead,"
she really meant "Call in the hearse."

12:54 AM | link |

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover...

Way #1
There once was a hooker from Boulder
who charged way too much, and I told her.
She said, "Listen you creep,
you been gettin' it cheap!"
So I put her on ebay, and sold her.

12:08 AM | link |

Wednesday, March 26, 2003
Baby Grand Clues 2

Well, pardners, I just ordered the balance of the Essential Papers in Psychoanalysis set I tol' y'all about last week or so. I got the first five down here at the ranch yesterday, and hoo-wee, are we talkin' some rip-roarin' wild west readin' material, or what? A boy like me jes cain't have too many reference works when it comes to matters of the mind. No siree, Bob! So hey hey.

In other news, I'm sitting on my couch with my new Mac Powerbook, cruising Amazon and blogging this here item by ripping off some unsuspecting neighbor's wi-fi bandwidth. Bad fences make cheap... No wait. That's what she said.

10:47 PM | link |

Z-List Blogger Disses Kid for Kicks

All I know about Grant M. Henninger is that he's an Annoying M. Asswipe. What kind of cowardly fuckhead would express disdain for the writing of a 13 year old on her first day of blogging, when what he's really doing is displacing his thinly disguised envy of her "A-list" blogger dad? And then, amazingly, following up by writing "I don't care much about your life..."

If you care about your life, Bud, why don't you come over here and pick on someone your own size. And I'm not talking about your dick. My microscope is, unfortunately, in storage. It beats me what would motivate such a gratuitous attempt to discourage a kid.

Mirage can take comfort that she is not the sole target of your sandbox venom, nor is she in such bad company when you write: "Anne Frank was not a particularly good writer, or particularly thoughtful, she was just a girl after all." After all, indeed. Get help or shut the fuck up.

12:29 PM | link |

Monday, March 24, 2003

"...well you know I'm a 2000 man.
and my kids they just don't
understand me at all..."

My daughter Selene, who turned 13 this month, has just set up her own blog at smudgedeyeliner.blogspot.com. (Hey! I was going to rename mine that!) I didn't put her up to it, honest. Anything I suggest is a surefire candidate for her Don't Do list. But I was pleasantly surprised to see this today. As a proud dad, what can I say? Except: Please throw her some links.

11:43 PM | link |

Sunday, March 23, 2003
Selene Mirage

12:06 AM | link |

"RageBoy: Giving being fucking nuts a good name since 1985."
~D. Weinberger
28 October 2004

Chris Locke's photos More of Chris Locke's photos

Until a minute ago, I had no photos. I still have no photos to speak of. I don't even have a camera. But all these people were linking to "my photos." It was embarassing. It's still embarassing. But I'm used to that.

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