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Friday, November 08, 2002
Five Missteps to Avoid When Times are Turbulent

This initially appeared in Harvard Business School's Working Knowledge newsletter, clearly a cheap knockoff of Knowledge@Wharton. However, I cribbed these off Corante's Premium Blend, without which I never would have known they existed. These missteps were like already way insightful, but I updated them for the blogging side of The Industry. Never hurts to take a few tips from the Big Boys...
  1. Delaying decisions that will improve the long-term health of your blog for fear of offending readers' inflated sense of their near-term self-importance.
  2. Assuming that the smart way to gear back up is always cautiously and incrementally.
  3. Trying to bulletproof your blog by moving into recession-resistant rhetoric.
  4. Trying to broaden your Weltanschauung now. Fuggedaboutit!
  5. Assuming that a recovery is based on what the hosers think, not what they buy.
Wow. How do these guys know this kinda shit? By phoning up God, that's how!

10:48 AM | link |

Some Not-So Commonplace Observations
Tom Matrullo writes about nervous publishers, humorless lawyers, bloggers, punsters, parody and play, all with with his usual anti-pedantic panache. Some samples:
...what's at stake here in the journalistic self-image is a proper understanding of the Difference between The Serious and The Not Serious, i.e., a model of play, which apparently is always the thing.
Parody is one of the more seriously difficult modes of meaning to rigorously control precisely because it involves the use of mimicry - drawing acute attention to conventions of discourse - as an essential element to explore and usually to explode the very thing it is imitating. (It is seriously playful shit, and any simply binary effort to create law differentiating it from Serious Journalism is likely to suffer the slings and arrows of an infinite succession of meta-parodies, at the very least.)
If you look, for example, at the fertile exploits of Gary Turner, or at the amazing in-depth interviews by Frank Paynter (which have reached a point at which we do not know whether the person being interviewed even exists), or at the dicey, polyvocal screeds of Mike Golby, or at RageBoy, you might sense something complex at work which, for want of a better word, I would call play.
Yes, yes! Precisely. This ties in with what I've been trying to say all along...

9:08 AM | link |

Quality Time

6:29 AM | link |

Thursday, November 07, 2002
8 Mile
Speaking of el dia de los muertos, when my daughter Selene was first born, I bought a papier-mâché Haitian skeleton and hung it over her crib. The in-laws were, needless to say, gassed. Metaphorically, more's the pity. Anyway, it seems to have worked. The rest of my life may be fucked up beyond repair, but at least I know I brought my kid up right. Selene is now twelve (and a half). Tomorrow after school she's taking her Mom to the opening of 8 Mile. Bigtime fan. She signs her mail:

*selene mirage - proud eminem luver*

The body text of that one said: "you didn't blog it you imbecile! grr."

What Selene is referring to involves last night. We went to this restaurant, and as we were going in, she sees a boy who goes to her school. Worse, when we get seated, it seems he's only two tables away.

So Selene says, "You got a pen?"

As it turns out, I do. I give it to her. "You got any paper?" she asks.

I look. "Yeah, here's a Starbucks brochure." Don't ask. "Will that work?"

Here's what she writes:

  1. DO NOT talk about anyone from school.
  2. DO NOT talk about when I was a little kid.
  3. DO NOT talk about drugs, alcohol, or anything you can get high off.
  4. DO NOT talk about sex.
  5. DO NOT use excessive bad language.
  6. DO NOT use any bad language.
  7. DO NOT flirt.
  8. DO NOT talk in an accent.
  9. DO NOT act gay.
  10. DO NOT imitate wild animals.
  11. DO NOT ask me to foretell the future.
So yo, Selene Mirage: I want to go to that 4 o'clock show with you guys. Grab another ticket off the web.

look, if you had one shot, one opportunity
to seize everything you ever wanted
one moment
would you capture it or just let it slip?

you better lose yourself in the music, the moment
you own it, you better never let it go
you only get one shot, do not
miss your chance to blow
this opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo...

thanks to my main nigger
Eric Norlin
for sending the

9:19 PM | link |

La Vita

Thanks for the cool award, Suze. Does it come with a prize? Also, glad to see something on the site, even it's just a grafik. But when is whoretalk gonna really start talkin? I know for a fact you got a story or two about me. I'm a working boy myself.

6:46 PM | link |

Dia de los Muertos

I went to the South on the Day of the Dead. The sun was a black rose in a turquoise sky, my eyes hollow sockets, my bones rattling as I walked. All this felt familiar. The village children screamed in fright and ran away. They are so beautiful, I thought, but I understood their fear. The women though, some of them, would come out to greet me, weave flowers through my ribcage, around my hips, which they would kiss with great longing, remembering love. And the men, some of them, would take off their hats, cast their eyes down. My heart went out to them. Why only now do we see, I wondered, blessing as best I could our blindness. I was looking for you there, a sudden memory from another time. The day faded into night but I could see everything for miles. Coyotes and scorpions came to me out of the desert and sat around me in a circle. I sat down too. There was nowhere to go. I wept. Waiting for you as I have always waited, knowing you will never come.

2:40 PM | link |

Tuesday, November 05, 2002
Day Tripper II

got a good reason for taking the easy way out.

but nothing a couple hits of sunshine wouldn't cure.

9:42 AM | link |

RB Gives 'Em Hell in Chicago: and another thing...

5:25 AM | link |

Sunday, November 03, 2002
RB is your quality control method

Googlism for: rageboy

9:21 PM | link |

Bad Day At Black Rock

and now the end is near and so i face the final curtain you cunt i'm not a queer i'll state my case of which i'm certain i've lived a life that's full and traveled each and every highway and yet much more than this i did it my way and yes i've had a few but then again too few to mention but dig what i have to do i'll see it through with no devotion of that take care and just be careful along the highway and more much more than this i did it my way there were times i'm sure you knew when there was nothing fuck all else to do but through it all when there was doubt i shot it up or kicked it out i fought on just as before and did it my way knocked out in bed last night i've had my fill my share of looting and now the tears subside i find it all so amusing to think i killed a cat and may i say oh no not their way but no no not me i did it my way for what is a brat what has he got when he finds out that he cannot say the things he truly thinks but only the words not what he feels the record shows i've got no clothes and did it my way...
Thanx & a tip o' the hat
to Sid Vicious.

There, I feel much better now.

6:43 PM | link |

"RageBoy: Giving being fucking nuts a good name since 1985."
~D. Weinberger
28 October 2004

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Until a minute ago, I had no photos. I still have no photos to speak of. I don't even have a camera. But all these people were linking to "my photos." It was embarassing. It's still embarassing. But I'm used to that.

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