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Saturday, December 22, 2001
soapbox: Agent of Worst Practices
"'I see,' Sigmund continued. 'I see. In that case then it's perfectly clear that you would suck up to Seth Godin by hacking up your site to look like his. You, in fact, want to lead the life he has. You want the speeches, the book signings, the money he gets. Now I see perfectly clear. Yes, you are one resigned motherfucker'" One crazy motherfucker too. Go Marek!

12:05 PM | link |

Friday, December 21, 2001
EGR: And That's The Way It Was...
Steve Larsen recalls in great detail an infamous rant session in which I purportedly said (at high volume): "THEY DO NOT WANT US AND THEY'RE CRIMINALS BY INSTINCT ANYWAY AND IF WE PUT ONE MORE YEAR INTO FUCKING AROUND WITH THESE DEAD FROM THE FUCKING TOP DOWN PIECES OF MANUAL-BOUND SHIT WE'RE GOING TO MISS THE GODDAMN TRAIN!" A genuinely historic memoir.

5:50 PM | link |

Darwin Online interview
In which I talk about Gonzo Marketing, what else? "In works like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and other gonzo stuff that [Hunter S.] Thompson is known for, he was really talking about a different relationship to reporting on events. I see this happening on the Web, I see many websites and especially Web logs and bloggers as a very engaged, bottom up kind of journalism. In a nutshell that´┐Żs the notion of engagement, and that is the operative notion in gonzo marketing..."

3:19 PM | link |

IEEE Spectrum reviews Gonzo Marketing
This review does't get it quiteright. The notion that "employees... become guerrilla marketers" isn't what I had in mind. Nonetheless, a generally good writeup for which I am grateful.
Christopher Locke established himself as one of the foremost chroniclers of the information age with his contribution to the popular 2000 book, The Cluetrain Manifesto, in which he spelled out how traditional hierarchical models of marketing and corporate communication were being disrupted by that most disruptive technology of all, the Internet.

Now in Gonzo Marketing, he sketches how models of marketing should look if businesses wish to thrive in an age where Locke sees the Internet as the ultimate revolt of the masses.

10:21 AM | link |

Wednesday, December 19, 2001
Knowledge @ Wharton reviews Gonzo Marketing
...you'll enjoy many of Locke's potshots at business as it is done today, such as his comments that:
  • The new name for the AOL/Time Warner merger should be "The Titanic Deck Chair Rearrangement Corporation."
  • "Microsoft has hit on a unique strategy for maintaining its position on [the list of most-visited web sites]: millions of customers trying to figure out why their computers stopped working."
  • Corporations have spent millions to develop e-commerce sites that go unvisited while a page of dancing hamsters that pulled "eighty-three bajillion hits in two weeks" cost all of $29.
  • "If the business notion of best practices had been applied from the dawn of civilization ... the Sistine Chapel ceiling would say 'Bank with Medici' and instead of a torch, the Statue of Liberty would be brandishing a tube of Preparation H.

11:47 PM | link |

Gonzo Marketing reviewed in Der Spiegel
Even if you don't read German, this is pretty funny. Actually, a decent writeup. "Christopher Locke ist ein Revoluzzer. Zumindest tut er so. Sein neues Buch 'Gonzo Marketing' ist mit Umgangssprache, Filmszenen und Rock'n'Roll-Zitaten gespickt, damit die trockenen Business-Typen, seine Leser, so richtig geschockt sind."

11:37 PM | link |

EGR: Tracks & Tracers

it don't really matter to me baby
you believe what you want to believe

tom petty / refugee

The drummer lays down five quick surgical strikes, the first chord spreads like napalm, pumping the bass. Scream of the 50 millimeter lead across the bridge. Fuzz you! Rock and roll is at war with the world.

You don't have to live... this way, this time. Don't have to burn, to turn -- inside out, away. Ocean rolling organ transplants. 500 watts of pain straight up. Amped right into your heart. Gotta move or explode. This anger like uncut amphetamine. Gotta move the product. Into the ether, into the street. Crank it babe, suit up. Radar screaming three o'clock. Bank and roll, you wanna dance?

Don't have to live... morituri te salutamus. Slide up my neck lay down those notes right there. That's right, sustain... then clip it hit it pull my rip cord. Don't hafta don't. Don't hafta live like love like. That.

Somewhere somehow... come down crashing: move! We need some flares here -- come back. Radio down don't need the static going in. Cross hairs lighting up the ghost in this machine. Lock and load get ready for it brace yourself. Here come the warm jets. Rushing diving coming in too steep watch out. Flashback flipping the bird the last possible second -- NOW! Here comes my girl. Strafing all your base to powder. Rock and roll backatcha baby bombs away!

And contrails up so high the wind my freak flag heading out. What you want to believe, believe with everything you got.

Live to tell about it.

11:31 PM | link |

Tuesday, December 18, 2001
Blogger Of The Year
A vote for RageBoy means a smoked chicken in every pot! Do it today and we'll smoke one for you! (Now where's that .45?)

3:43 PM | link |

CamRants: The I Have a Big Dick Awards
Cameron Barrett rants about what he calls "The Dave Winer Big Ego Awards." While, there is no doubt in my mind that Dave has a big ego (so do I), I think he also has a big heart, and doesn't merit the kind of low-blow rhetoric Barrett throws at him here. It seems more than a little overboard to call these awards "a disgusting display." If you don't want to play, Cam, well just piss off. Because play is what's going down here -- a concept you might want to take a crack at sometime, instead of indulging in your own mean and miserly form of grandstanding. Who fucking cares? I've had my differences with Dave, but I think this sort of gratuitous tongue-lashing is entirely undeserved.

2:58 PM | link |

JOHO on Original Face
David Weinberger writes (in part): "The past of voice and connection is not a real past. It's a mythic past. Origin myths and myths of golden ages have power because they express a longing for a part of our continuing nature. The Web's gift of voice and connection feels like a reawakened memory because voice and connection have always been at the heart of who we are." Yeah. Sounds right to me.

11:49 AM | link |

EGR: Escape Velocity
"Life, she said. A new life, right here. And I was caught in the headlights then, indecisive, paralyzed, looking for the exit, which I found in a heartbeat. How about death, I said, a fool pronouncing sentence on himself. Later, when the pain became unbearable in the muted screaming silence of that endless waiting room and there was no one left to ask, I spoke to the darkness I imagined you to be, saying baby, how could you do this to me?" more...

10:22 AM | link |

"RageBoy: Giving being fucking nuts a good name since 1985."
~D. Weinberger
28 October 2004

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Until a minute ago, I had no photos. I still have no photos to speak of. I don't even have a camera. But all these people were linking to "my photos." It was embarassing. It's still embarassing. But I'm used to that.

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