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Thursday, August 30, 2001
Making Money With The Web
Forrester Research invites "senior marketing executives responsible for attracting and retaining customers," "business executives who set company objectives for driving consumer sales and profitability," and "technology decision-makers responsible for supporting online strategies" to a Marketing Forum on how to cash in on the web. And who will deliver the magic feather they've all been wet-dreaming about? Why who other than Christie Hefner, Chairman and CEO of Playboy Enterprises. Oh Dumbo, where are you now?

8:31 PM | link |

Marketing Goes Gonzo (Publish magazine)
"You know if you walked in to a party that you've been invited to by some friend, and you went and you started acting like a marketer, I mean they'd throw you out. And that's kind of what's going on here. You've got all these parties going on and here come these clueless guys in suits with their canned spiel and we're going, why don't you tune into to what's going on at this party, why don't you meet some new people and shut up for a minute? You know, get a feel for who your neighbors are and maybe you'll make some new friends. But, man if you just keep up that sales pitch, nobody wants to hear you."

8:58 AM | link |

Wednesday, August 29, 2001
punks to the core
They were witty, fun, loud, catchy, irreverent, and they never followed the rules laid out for them - mainly 'cuz their neurotic, self-loathing leader wouldn't let them. Have you guessed yet?

2:01 PM | link |

Digital Bombing
And while I'm at it, as sleep seems a thing of the past, try this one. Make sure your speakers are turned up way high, so the whole office can enjoy it with you. And for once, don't be too quick to nuke the popup. Eric, you're gonna love this one...

1:41 PM | link |

Art Crimes: The Writing on the Wall
You could get lost here forever. And that would cost your employer real dollars. Or rupees or whatever the fuck it is you use for money over there. So before you mindlessly click on that link: think about it, won't you?

1:34 PM | link |

Washington Speakers Bureau
"Gonzo Marketing shakes and bakes the web, mass media, anthropology, pop culture and history, then rocks it and rolls it with the literature of management to come up with a terrific new flavor of e-commerce that'll have them all talking, from the trading floor right up to the boardroom. It'll leave them gasping, yet begging for more. When it comes to the strange new fauna inhabiting the net, Gonzo Marketing bags 'em and snags 'em and brings 'em back alive. It's a trap. It's a trip. It's a one-time-only offer for the ride of your life."

10:50 AM | link |

That Sinking Feeling
One thing's for sure, it's not your Grandfather's phone company. "Have I reached the party to whom I am speaking?"

9:43 AM | link |

NPR Marketplace Morning Report
I'll be on this show tomorrow morning (Thursday, August 30), so I hope you'll all have your MP3 recorders up and running. If you're in the US, here's a list of stations where you can catch my 2 minutes and 50 seconds of fame. But I get to do it again every couple weeks till they kick me off.

8:41 AM | link |

An EGR reader writes: "but-but-but -- HUH??? WHUH???? Ye gods -- this is what happens in revolutions; you can't keep the leaders straight. It's all chaotic and such. Speaking of not being able to keep things straight, I went to your dang blog, OK? What the hell is link (underscored)? I have a blog, but it's all connected to a very specific place on my website where Brahmani talks to her clients and it doesn't have link (underscored) in it. The heading at the top went somewhere. That was cool. But I kept returning, because I was still fascinated by that link (underscored) thing. I kept clicking on it and yesterday it sent me nowhere, today it sent me to the next comment by all your closest friends. And the link (undersccored) there sent me to the next, and so on, and so on. Finally, when I couldn't find a clue on the whole page as to why it was there, I shrugged and went away. Internet techies. Sheesh. Talk about feeling like a third world lesbian dwarf."

Hey, look! There's another one right down there!

8:03 AM | link |

Web Tilts From Eclectic to Mundane (New York Times)
"Only 15 of the thousands of sites that provide health information attract enough traffic for Jupiter to rank them..." Could that be because Jupiter only deigns to rank sites that are targets for mass-market adverstisers, do you suppose? This is so full of shit!

6:26 AM | link |

f i s h r u s h
"Although Cluetrain doesn't claim to be a panacea for the economy, we did a comprehensive study examining the relationship of the US stock market to the launch of the book. The first graph shows the effect of The Cluetrain Manifesto on the market between December 1999 and today. As the Manifesto doctrine began to permeate corporate America, and the dot com industry in particular, the results were devastating... We shudder to think what effect the Gonzo Marketing book will have on companies, industries and economies in the future." Long one of my favorite sites, it's now a blog, and so much more! Kent, you're totally insane.

5:53 AM | link |

Uncharted Shores - Eric Norlin's Blog
Your incomplete source for business, IT and marketing rants. "Damn! I have no one to take me to lunch. Does my dog count?"

5:45 AM | link |

DeanLand Link'n'Logs
"Chris Locke's Weblog is where Rageboy sometimes, at one time, kept a daily blog. Ever since he got on the deathmarch toward a book deadline, there's been little, well, no action at all there. But we know RageBoy! He'll be back." <gutteral german accent> I'll be back!!! </gutteral german accent>

5:25 AM | link |

Yahoo! Groups: egr-list
I don't even remember setting this up. But it's easier to read than Topica, which hasn't quite yet figured out the benefits of FIXED FONTS. Well, sportsfans, looks like I'm going to go over the bar again, and do that NPR taping w/o benefit of sleep. Oh good! I can make another pot of COFFEE!

5:16 AM | link |

The Doc Searls Weblog
"GonzRolling: Chris Locke has upraged his blog, which is now current with the Gonzo Marketing publishing schedule, plus the continuing end of the old and the new economy." Rolling one backatcha, Doc.

4:57 AM | link |

An EGR reader writes: "re: the Blogger. I don't read it, I have enough difficulty with the seemingly random meanderings of these newsletters, the last thing I want to do is see what you were doing at 1:29am." So I guess if I say this guy is a total dickhead, I do so with impunity. Yo fuckwad, you know you can always unsubscribe if it gets too much for ya.

4:48 AM | link |

Gonzo RageBoy
Page down a bit and you find this: "I have to shamelessly admit that I have learned quite a bit from Locke when it comes to deciding just how chummy or outlandish a tone to take (generally speaking, too chummy and a bit too outlandish) when writing for an online audience. So for this you have Locke to thank or blame depending on your tastes." But "Machiavellian"? Who, me?

4:32 AM | link |

NY Times Book Review Search
"Books Archive: For the past four years, it has been our pleasure to provide a full-text search of the New York Times Books archive of reviews, news and author interviews dating back to 1980." Most of the Times's stuff you gotta pay for after a week or so, but not for these. A great resource to bookmark if you don't already know about it.

1:53 AM | link |

Where I need to be later this morning
"The Marketplace Morning Report with Kai Ryssdal and Aaron Schacter is a series of seven nine-minute business news modules airing weekdays. This timely report delivers a global business newscast and a hard-hitting feature report. Concise, accurate, engaging, and informative, the Report uses the same confident, witty style that characterizes its parent program, Marketplace, the award-winning, evening business news show." So I guess I better get to bed. Jesus, it's almost 2am!

1:49 AM | link |


Finally got Laurie's calligraffiti onto the Gonzo site. And there are more in the Eight Miles High chapter. Here's some other stuff she's done recently. And since I seem to be listing blogs tonight, her blogger (be sure to check out the very first listing at the bottom of the page).

1:35 AM | link |

Tuesday, August 28, 2001
Spin of the Day
Keeping up with The Industry.

5:11 AM | link |

Monday, August 27, 2001
Less Than 85 Bucks to Go!
"I know many of you have been asking yourselves, "That Rageboy! He's so funny. And in so many different ways. How can I, a mere nobody, return a small measure of the kindness he has shown in brightening my otherwise squalid and obscure existence?"

4:56 PM | link |

"RageBoy: Giving being fucking nuts a good name since 1985."
~D. Weinberger
28 October 2004

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Until a minute ago, I had no photos. I still have no photos to speak of. I don't even have a camera. But all these people were linking to "my photos." It was embarassing. It's still embarassing. But I'm used to that.

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