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Saturday, August 12, 2000
405: The Movie
A lot of suits are salivating over broadband, mistaking it for the return of the broadcast bandwagon they know and love so well. But I keep thinking that when there's enough available bandwidth for "video-on-demand" to become a reality, it ain't gonna be "Die Hard" and "Pretty Woman" we're grabbing off the net, but rather little gems like this one. Artists taking over both the means of production and the distribution channels. This is exciting stuff. See also the hit on BADCOP, below. If Blair Witch spooked Hollywood, these first dinosaur-egg-eating-mammals ought to scare the living crap out of them. Good. The audience is not only listening, a la the THX ads, it's now calling the shots.

4:38 PM | link |

Friday, August 11, 2000
Broadcast: The Meme That Wouldn't Die
A meteor falls near an old mine. Some believe it's really an alien saucer, because people start disappearing into the mine tunnel (referred to as "the tube") and return changed in strange ways -- like they have no sense of humor and have become oddly stupid. Finally, the sheriff and his posse investige the mine... only to find the disembodied head of Ally McBeal. A very frightening site.

9:35 PM | link |

Business Week
"The Cluetrain Manifesto... galvanized me on many fronts. On a personal level, it made me laugh to read such too-true observations... For someone with a rude sense of humor and tattoos carefully hidden under a smart suit, I certainly sympathized with the managed self in a corporate environment." Damn, I better get some tatoos.

8:56 PM | link |

"There is another web." Don't click this unless you've got a couple-three hours to do nothing but be stunned, confused and amazed. There is another web. No lie.

6:22 AM | link |

Totally flash. Typing on acid and other strange experiences await.

6:15 AM | link |

World of Awe 1.0
"Through these short scribbles, I hope you'll be able to understand what's happening to your image in my head and when you feel it has become too removed from the source, make sure you cut all attachments because, I am afraid, beloved, that this will signify that I have gone too far." This is all too confusing.

5:40 AM | link |

Thursday, August 10, 2000
Keep On Rockin...
Scour is the first of approximately 10,000,000 Napster knock-offs we're likely to see in the next 13 weeks. Man, the RIAA is really going to have its hands full. Who was it said "the bigger the obstacle, the more joyous the detour"? The Neil Young MP3 makes an excellent hack for high-rise elevator muzak systems. Just do it. Keep on rockin' in the free world...

11:42 PM | link |

Onclave president Drew Peloso writes: "Chris, good to talk to you yesterday. The interview with Ian Clarke is great - posted it to Onclave." Keep an eye on this site, if (like me) you're interested in weblogs and news meta-commentary. Gonzo journalism for the rest of us.

7:48 PM | link |

Need Weed? check iToke
From the mailbag: "Mr. Locke: This IS gonzo defined. We OWN marijuana ecommerce and haven't spent a dime or fired a shot. Best. Mike Tucker, iToke LLC, Berlin" Well Mike, we gave up pot for Lent, but damn, thanks for the pointer to BADCOP -- that's the best low-bandwidth movie we've seen yet. Highly recommended, and be sure to watch both epidodes -- Willkommen in Berlin is brilliant.

7:25 PM | link |

Rage Against The Machine
From today's mailbag: "Dear Christopher, Please include me as part of your correspondences. I am a friend of Geert Lovinck. I am also the Album Cover Artist for Rage Against The Machine. -Joey

4:52 PM | link |

this is the life of an albino giraffe
The author writes: "i suppose i should thank rageboy for my finding blogger... "thanks, rageboy!" he's the psycho-alter-ego of this guy named clocke (at least that's what i thought it was until i realized that's "c. locke" -- boy, did i feel stupid!) who writes this amazing prose disguised as a mailing list. if you haven't checked it out, you should. really!" We applaud this excellent early entry and are looking forward to the other two.

4:29 PM | link |

the boomtrain manifesto
For some unfortunates, subscribing to EGR has caused irreversible brain damage, as amply evidenced by this Valued Reader's site. In private mail, way too convoluted to explain here, he writes: "I'm sure RageBoy and his luh-vah... have their schedules full, what with the granola eating, pot smoking, poncho-trying-on, community-planning, self-centering, and variety of other cosmic shit to discuss (first and foremost being the new "e-poopoo distributed convotainment" book co-authored by that ultra-hip hermaphrodite Barlow-Dyson-Kelly and its Gen-Y son Dyllynn)." One comment on this page: Esther would just never say that. She drinks Pepsi.

4:12 PM | link |

To see the future of advertising, check this site. The writer of the following ad has won several prestigious awards for his work with IBM, Compaq and Mercedes-Benz accounts. "TRANSPARENT BONELESS LIONS: They're educational. An ideal pet, the transparent boneless lion (pre-shaved) is the perfect companion for today's idle child. What's more, having no solid internal structure makes the 'king of the jungle' entirely safe for tots. A quivering, purring ball of roughly lion-shaped jelly, they stretch a little and bend a lot. Children can force liquids down the lion's unresisting mouth and watch the digestive process as it happens, and massage the bolus through their pet's intestines. Disgusting, certainly, but an endless, safe souce of amusement." And it gets even better.

10:40 AM | link |

Wednesday, August 09, 2000
FEED on Freenet: clocke on clarke

That's Ian on the left, btw. From my intro: "At first, the world at large ignored the Internet, missed its significance, scoffed, then jumped in with both feet, thinking it was a bandwagon, asked the wrong questions about how to make money with it, got too excited when it seemed to be something it wasn't, got too depressed when it turned out to be what it is. Mirrored fractal nets within nets: the collective intelligence of the human race unfolding in real time -- and for the first time, on its own terms. The Internet routes around obstacles; the bigger the obstacle, the more joyous the detour. The humorless power of the state, the iron-fisted control demanded by the corporation, the sexless desire insinuated by broadcast advertising -- all are falling to networked imagination."

4:21 PM | link |

In a triumph of tastefulness, Wonderbra launches its Three Degrees of Wonder campaign, which apparently has something to do with Sparks, Flames and Fire. We proposed a fourth to the webmaster. Can you guess what it was? Send your own suggestions. The winning entry will receive a free muffdive with the model of his or her choice.

3:19 PM | link |

Intel likes what it hears in Napster
"Napster, Gnutella, Freenet -- and Intel? The old-guard chip giant later this month will attempt to prove it can get down with the baddest Net players when it announces a plan to ignite development of more peer-to-peer networking... Intel Corp. will detail an initiative to encourage the use of the technology in many other applications, including the sharing of family videos, corporate documents and even network resources. Think of it as Napster gone corporate." Family videos, yeah right. In other news, MSNBC reports: "Hollywood�s big movie studios said they hope a high-profile video hacker case can be decided in a week and help stem film piracy on the Web."

3:04 PM | link |

Britney Spears: Crying On The Inside? Petition
OK, so we shouldn't have signed it pretending to be Britney herself. Don't we have better things to do at 5am? Probably. But then we would have missed the great Signature Confirmation we got from petitiononline.com, which is apparently even skankier than that little Disney whore they're ragging on. It said (in part; and christ almighty, did it ever go on!): "A successful petition is a grassroots collaborative effort, and now it's your turn. The power of the Internet is in your hands -- so spread the word! ...We honor you for the courage of your convictions. And we thank you for participating in the free and open expression of public opinion." Need anything more be said here? Could any finer point be drawn from all this? We suspect not.

5:08 AM | link |

Architect Viral Niches
That's right kids, it's time once again for the the Web Economy Bullshit Generator! Fun for the whole family. Go ahead, embrace bleeding-edge e-services, reintermediate dot-com convergence, revolutionize mission-critical mindshare. C'mon, what've you got to lose?

2:25 AM | link |

Anthony Comes Through!
Well damn, look at that. Anthony Camera actually put up the shots he took of RB (hint: look for a guy covered with tattoos). One of them isn't suitable for a family publication like this, but a couple we like a lot. If you do too, or need a good photographer in Colorado, let him know. By the way, Camera is his real name.

1:53 AM | link |

Tuesday, August 08, 2000
Freenet's Ian Clarke Heads to California
"We start from the assumption that copyright law is not enforceable," says Clarke, who is 23. "You cannot prevent people from copying and sharing information." Damn straight, says RageBoy, who is 52. And feeling it. And also out of smokes and espresso. I wonder if there are any Britney Spears petitions online tonight. Gotta be.

11:39 PM | link |

Right now the top item reads as follows. "RageBoy (on his new Blogger blog!): "[NewsBlogger] is an extremely cool and powerful thing, a marriage between Blogger... and moreover.com's news feeds... The net is cannibalizing broadcast from the bottom up. News at 11..." And we didn't even have to bribe them. Man, things are getting really incestuous around here. Wherever here is. I'm becoming confused...

2:09 PM | link |

Nick Usborne
Nick writes in re a question he had about Blogger: "I've noticed that the rude bastard RageBoy sometimes chooses not to reply to my emails. So please tell him to fuck off and get back to me on this one yourself." Sigh. Do I have to do everything?

1:54 PM | link |

Amazon talks to Christopher Locke
It's kind of old at this point, but chances are you never read it. As John Goodman keeps saying in The Big Lebowski, am I wrong, dude? Am I wrong? So this was me being the ever-so-serious just-published author, as you'll see if you click the link. You might be especially interested in my somwhat unusual tastes in film and music.

11:43 AM | link |

Vacuum Weblog
Ed Vielmetti is an old friend who has been online since several nanoseconds after the Big Bang. Gee Ed, remember the interfaces we had to deal with back then? My God! Uh yes well, Ed is Consulting Engineer in the office of the Chief Strategy Officer at Cisco, where he's been implementing an enterprise-wide Blogger. Bookmark this one, and sign up for his Vacuum newsletter. It connects an interesting EGR-friendly bunch of heads.

11:11 AM | link |

RageBoy Express
Just another blah so-so day here at the ranch. Remember when life was actually fun? What happened to that, huh? Now all I seem to do is drive around in my car listening to Elvis oldies. Love me tender, suspicious mind and all. This candid photo courtesy of Bruce Joel Cutean at ThirdStone Gallery. What a guy.

10:52 AM | link |

Monday, August 07, 2000
NewsBlogger - All the News That's Fit to Blog
This is an extremely cool and powerful thing, a marriage between Blogger (the mechanism underlying this page) and moreover.com's news feeds (see item directly below). The net is cannibalizing broadcast from the bottom up. News at 11...

7:51 PM | link |

EGR Newsfeeds
I'm just fooling around with these, so the page is pretty confusing at the moment, and may be that way forever. Thought some of you might be interested in reading between the lines. The first block is from moreover.com, which is definitely worth checking out. The second is from isyndicate and the third is from Clickfeed. If you know of similar syndicated web-based news services, please mail me.

7:25 PM | link |

Anthony Camera Photography
Anthony was just here shooting me for my new Publish magazine column. Cool guy. He took some shots of RageBoy while he was at it, and threatens to post them to his site. Check the URL later to see if he was lying.

2:03 PM | link |

RageBoy v. Godin
It wasn't very nice of RB to say these things. Only, he thought, necessary. Seth has posted RB's remarks on his brandy-new Ideavirus site. Beware this virulent web-borne strain of marketing Ebola.

12:00 PM | link |

Sunday, August 06, 2000
Gonzo Marketing
A recursive loopback link. I'm belatedly checking out weblogs and figured I should fool around with Dave Winer's thing. No, no! I don't mean that the way you think!

10:37 PM | link |

Self was over here today looking at this weblog. Now she's gonna want one too. Here's a picture of her when she was just little. She says hi to all the Valued Readers.

12:28 PM | link |

Here Comes Freenet
I like Ian. The guy knows what he's about. Short form: the end of copyright. I wonder what he really said to this New York Post reporter in place of [pantyhose]. Knickers, most likely. But we'll never know for certain. Unless, of course, we ask him.

4:16 AM | link |

Laurie Doctor Studios
Laurie Doctor is an artist who lives in Boulder, Colorado. She teaches calligraphy, painting, book arts, writing, design, and old dogs new tricks. Woof. "As artists, we are drawn to the relationship between what we see and the invisible. The horizon line is universally understood, and yet not a thing in itself or a place that can be found on any map. It brings up questions: What is over the horizon? Who is coming? It is the place where things appear and disappear. Viewing the horizon is particular to one's position, inherently unique at any moment and from every vantage. The horizon is more dramatic in the desert or at sea, in large expanses, and yet is not a line, but an apparent meeting of earth and sky. Horizon becomes a metaphor from the natural world for what cannot be seen, but only felt -- a vibrant symbol of the world's invisible mystery that we strive to express in our work."

2:29 AM | link |

"RageBoy: Giving being fucking nuts a good name since 1985."
~D. Weinberger
28 October 2004

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Until a minute ago, I had no photos. I still have no photos to speak of. I don't even have a camera. But all these people were linking to "my photos." It was embarassing. It's still embarassing. But I'm used to that.

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