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                First in Series of Timely White Papers
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    STAMFORD, Conn., June 3 /ERNewswire/ -- EGR Press, a newly formed
wholly owned subsidiary of Entropy Gradient Reversals Worldwide
(Nasdaq: EGRW), today announced its intention to publish a series of
original monographs examining "worst practices" currently in use
across many industries and professional disciplines.  First in the
series is a cutting-edge white paper entitled "The Power of Stupidity"
authored specifically for Entropy Gradient Reversals by long-time
EGR subscriber Giancarlo Livraghi of Milan, Italy.

    "Stupidity" is available only on the World Wide Web (Internet) at:

    "This is an insightful treatment of a phenomenon that touches each
of us daily, perhaps particularly in the workplace," said Entropy
chairman and chief executive Christopher Locke, "yet hardly is it ever
addressed by name outside of traffic situations -- and even then, only
with the windows rolled up."  Locke also indicated he was tremendously
excited about the new venture's prospects, etc., etc.

    Unlike some interviewees in recent issues of the widely read and
ultra-chic Entropy Gradient Reversals newsletter, Mr. Livraghi is, in
point of fact, a real person -- neither a horse nor a fictitious
astrologer.  He can be reached online at gian@gandalf.it.

    -0-                         6/03/96

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